You are finally here.



You are finally here.

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;

and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

~Maya Angelou

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let’s get to the point...

you're a world changer. a rarity. misfit.

something inside of you is calling to live a deeper, more meaningful life that goes beyond the norms of everyday rhythms.

you live once. one shot. each day presents a clean slate of endless possibilities, and you decide what to do with it. really...it's your choice.

When i think about the truth of this, i feel a deep call for an inward search where I ask  “am i living out my best life?”

if your answer is yes, go party right now in your own way. seriously. get up and go do something right now to celebrate. you are the few, a master. if no, welcome to my world a few years ago. miserable. complacent. lack. flat out lost. fully committed and engaged to the societal norms of crazy busy-ness, the constant rat race, and missing out on the most precious moments this one life presents. something had to change. i found myself at a place with two options. continue to live this boring, structured, crazy, predictable path that most of us fall prey to everyday or carve out my own path. experience risk, adventure, love, creativity, imperfection, community, passion and identify my ever-evolving self and inner voice at all times.

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you were born to change the world.

if that statement makes you feel all the feels in the best kind of way,
we're gonna like each other.

you have felt the call.

you're always different than most. pretty much feel like an outsider because your thoughts, dreams, and desires are so "out there."
you feel alone.

know there are a host of us out here on the frontier, the edge,
paving the road for beautiful people to follow.
it's not easy.
you never fit.

you may have tried tons of stuff to fit in or succumb to the norms that culture, society, and even family says is "the right way."
 but nothing truly sits at home with you.

but now, your time is here.
you have finally found your next step in finding home.

Let's do this.

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