This. Is. Me.


This. Is. Me.


Fierce.  Driven.  Spiritual.  Courageous.




i can't believe that's me over to your left. i'm a 41 year old living in my 20's, people lovin', booty kickin' hot mess. married the man of my dreams 22 years ago, have two amazing kids, one dog and never want my life to be perfect.

san francisco is home to me.
i live downtown, see golden gate bridge views pretty much everyday and manifested all this into existence.

and while all this is simply fabulous, absolutely nothing speaks more to my heart than engaging with people like you who are eager to identify negative, self-sabotaging thoughts, emotions, and behaviors so they can finally live their best life, on their terms, celebrating and living out their wildest dreams.

I always knew I was created to live my best life and change the world but the noise around me was too loud...people's expectations were smothering the life out of me. I couldn't hear my own inner voice and guidance.

once i got a grip on learning how to identify my ever-evolving self was when I was like..."why again am i working day after day in a job that I don't love?", “why do i live in a city that doesn’t align with who i am?”, “why am i subjecting myself to this relationship?” Um, no. 

i now encounter people like you everyday. they want it all but don’t believe it is for them to have. they desire to discover their best self but have no idea where to begin. people who are worried about being alone...not being good enough. failure scares them, as do their thoughts concerning future, family, career, and finances. they want to live their own life on their terms. they want to be their own boss...have their own business. they just don't know where to start.
i've been there. with the help of my Higher Power and some incredible coaches, i discovered where i was self-sabotaging day after day.
i found myself, began loving all of me...the good and bad, fell in love with process, abandoned what i call the “quickie” syndrome.
i released relationships that no longer served my greater purpose, connected with people like you, became my own boss,
and now spend every day living out my wildest dreams with people like you!

so enough already.

enough wasting more negative energy on who and what you are told to be and do.
Enough with the fear of failure and worry over your future.
let's get clarity on how you sabotage yourself everyday.
Let’s identify your true inner voice apart from your childhood framework you developed.
Let’s discover deep down what you know you were created for.

because let's be honest...it's big, like...really big.

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